Introducing EMPOWERink!

Looking in the mirror post mastectomy can feel traumatizing for so many women, especially when media promotes an unrealistic ideal of what beauty should look like.

Karen Malkin Lazarovitz is the creator of EmpowerINK. She previously worked with Personal Ink organizing annual Personal Ink Day Montreal events to provide mastectomy tattoos for a total of 22 women over 6 years, supported by the generosity of the tattoo artists and special donors.

Now, she brings that passion and expertise to this new venture!

This upcoming October, there will be mastectomy tattoo day locations in both Montreal and Quebec City. The ultimate goal is to host EmpowerINK days in every province throughout Canada.

I will share more information in the upcoming months about how to apply to be a part of this amazing program!

All proceeds raised for this program will be shared between EmpowerINK and a Canadian Metastatic Breast Cancer research project. (TBD)

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